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Is Your Company Searching for the Best E-Waste Recycling in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney? Contact ECOACTIV to find out more about our Waste Management Systems

Has your company been looking for options for greener, more efficient practices, such as e-waste recycling in Melbourne or a surrounding area? Companies are turning to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly ways to recycle and …read more.

Trust ECOACTIV For Easy, Convenient Battery Disposal In Brisbane, Melbourne, And Sydney

Each year, roughly 264 million batteries reach the end of their life and are thrown away in Australia. Those batteries are the equivalent of 12,000 tonnes of waste. Most individuals and businesses do not how to perform proper battery disposal in Brisbane and other cities around the country. Most of the used batteries, approximately 8,000 tonnes, end up in landfills across the …read more.

Low-Cost, Consumer Friendly Battery Recycling In Melbourne, Brisbane, And Sydney

The number of batteries that are used and then thrown away each year in Australia is staggering. Approximately 264 million batteries are discarded annually, with a large portion of them ending up in landfills in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and elsewhere around the nation. These batteries can lead to potential environmental and human health problems. Battery recycling in …read more.

Feel Secure With ECOACTIV Computer Disposal In Sydney, Melbourne, And Brisbane

Technology is ever changing and because it is businesses and households across Australia will eventually replace outdated computers. As a result, computer disposal in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other cities is becoming increasingly more important. ECOACTIV is an Australian company that specialises in cost-effective product recovery and waste management solutions. Obsolete computers can present a …read more.

ECOACTIV, The Hassle-Free, Reliable Computer Recyclers In Melbourne, Sydney, And Brisbane

In today’s age of rapidly advancing technology, the disposal and recycling of computers is becoming a bigger issue. If computers are not disposed of correctly, they can present a number of environmental problems, not to mention the security breaches that could occur as a …read more.

Business And Environmentally Friendly Computer Recycling In Brisbane, Sydney, And Melbourne

Computer recycling in Brisbane and across Australia is becoming more important in today’s age of rapidly advancing technology. Computers become obsolete relatively quickly and businesses and organisations update their machines more often now. The result is that there are a …read more.

ECOACTIV Examines the Need for E Waste Collection in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Waste channels are rapidly expanding. This is the warning Dan Hoornweg, former urban development specialist for the World Bank, shared in a recent projective analysis of global populations. By 2100, he predicts that consumption rates will more than triple, with consumer and …read more.

Searching for E Waste Disposal Services in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney? ECOACTIV Offers Dynamic Advisory Solutions

In 2014, the United Nations Environment Programme (known also as the UNEP) delivered a startling message about electronic waste. Devices and appliances, the agency claimed, have become the fastest growing pollution stream in the world, and exposure to …read more.

ECOACTIV Delivers a Waste Management Hierarchy to Companies. Contact us for all E Waste Recycling Needs in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney

Waste streams are changing course. What was once a series of paperbound products has turned digital. Devices, from peripherals to portables, are constantly tossed away, flooding landfills with lead, mercury, and alkaline metals. This proves damaging for …read more.

ECOACTIV Embraces Only the Highest ISO Standards. Contact us to Learn More About Electronic Recycling in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently revealed a shocking perspective on …read more.

ECOACTIV Stresses the Need for Product Stewardship in Australia. Contact us to Learn More About Electronic Waste Disposal in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney

On June 30th, 2015, Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt released a list of industrial products. These products – which included architectural paint, decorative paint, and batteries weighing less the 5KG – would become part of the …read more.

ECOACTIV Provides E-Waste Collection for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Companies and Organisations

When the time comes to get rid of any older electronic equipment left around your company, it is not as simple as throwing the equipment away. Some older electronics may potentially contain hazardous substances, and everyone should make an effort to contribute to …read more.

Clear Out Your Electronics Graveyard, with E-Waste Disposal For Companies in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Often, offices wind up with a closet full of old computer and printer parts from the generations of outdated equipment that no one really knows what to do with. This waste of space may contain hazardous materials from older equipment, and ultimately uses up …read more.

Are You in Need of a Service to Provide Fluorescent Tube Disposals in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney? Learn How ECOAVTIV Can Help!

Finding convenient, yet affordable solutions to help your company recycle and better manage waste can be difficult. Recycling old computers, toxic materials, and even finding fluorescent tube disposals in the Sydney area is often challenging. Finding a company who can help you better control and manage e-waste, while offering compliance tools for employees is no …read more.

If You Need a Company to Help with Hard Drive Destruction in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, Find Out More About How ECOACTIV Can Help

Destroying sensitive information on hard drives is a common issue that many companies face. As technology continues to evolve, companies buy newer systems, leaving their old equipment behind. The hard drives on this old equipment requires proper management to …read more.

Battery Collection Company in Melbourne, For All Your Rechargeable Battery Or Button Cell Battery Disposal or Recycling

ECOACTIV’s battery collection programmes provide low-cost, consumer-friendly solutions for keeping batteries out of landfills. It also helps to recover non-renewable resources for use in manufacturing new products …read more.

End of Life Battery Services in Sydney: Button cell and Rechargeable Battery Disposal and Recycling

The environmental effects of everyday technology are becoming more widely known to the general Sydney public as each year passes. This new public enlightenment means that it can be increasingly necessary for your brand to …read more.

Solution For Melbourne’s Commercial Battery Recycling And Disposal and Electronic Waste Collection Available

If you are a commercial business in Melbourne, you are using electronic goods each day and most likely your company is consuming quite a lot of them. When those goods are no longer of use, e.g. commercial batteries or electronic waste …read more.

Commercial Battery Disposal in Sydney Including Electronic Waste Recycling and Disposal

At ECOACTIV, we are committed to providing Sydney businesses with low cost and professional electronic waste recycling in Sydney. We take pride in our work and are passionate about the environment, which is why this article will highlight …read more.

Protect your Privacy with Secure Data Destruction in Sydney

Regardless of whether you’re a home user or a business user, there comes a time when you decide to swap your computer out for a newer model. Perhaps your old machine is sluggish and will cost too much to upgrade, or you’re after …read more.

How To Correctly Implement Secure Hard Drive Recycling, Destruction And Disposal in Melbourne

It is a challenge for any commercial businesses in Melbourne to understand what to do with their secure data after they no longer need their computer or server hard drives, or if the drives stop working and are irreparable …read more.

The Truth About Secure Hard Drive Disposal, Destruction, And Recycling in Sydney

When it comes to unwanted electronics, security concerns dictate you should handle them with added care. This care concern is particularly the case when their lifecycle has run its course, and it’s time to dispose of a device. One …read more.

Secure Computer Collection and Destruction—Recycling and Disposal in Melbourne

The increase rate of innovation in recent times has been staggering and has led to many positive changes in how we lead our lives compared to previous generations. The ease of use and ubiquity of computers has allowed the average …read more.

Properly Dispose of your Outdated IT Equipment with a Secure Computer Disposal Service in Sydney

In today’s workplace, it seems that machines are taking over. No, this isn’t the prelude to an invasion as you might see in a Sci-fi movie, but the truth is more and more computers, printers, servers and other IT equipment are required …read more.

Secure E-Waste Services in Melbourne—Data Destruction and Disposal

The amount of technology used in the average Melbourne home or office is more than at any point in history, and this has caused problems regarding disposal. The technology has increased at such a rapid rate that policy makers did not …read more.

Solar Panel/PV Collection, Disposal and Recycling in Melbourne

Running a business in today’s economy is tougher than ever. There is increasing pressure from overseas businesses who can cut down on labour and environmental costs due to looser regulations than in Australia, which means …read more.

Ensure The Best Solar Panel and PV Disposal, Collection, And Recycling in Sydney

Power generation methods like Solar panels and PV systems are unique. They have a tremendous ability when it comes to producing electricity in a novel manner, but they also need to be treated with care when it is time to remove or …read more.