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Battery Recycling Services

Battery recycling services

Battery recycling made easy

The ECOACTIV Battery Recycling service provides a low-cost, consumer friendly solution for keeping batteries out of landfill. It also helps to recover non-renewable resources for use in the manufacture of new products.

Facts and figures
  • Approximately 264 million handheld batteries reach the end of their useful life in Australia annually. This is equivalent to about 12,000 tonnes of material.
  • Every year less than 5% of the 12,000 tonnes of domestic batteries that require disposal are recycled.
  • Approximately 183 million batteries (8,000 tonnes) are disposed to landfill each year.
  • Approximately 3,000 tonne are ‘informally stockpiled’ eg. stored in cupboards, draws and garages.
  • Batteries can contain heavy metals that are toxic to human health and/or have eco-toxicity impacts if they exceed certain  concentrations in the natural environment.
  • A Planet Ark survey in 2010 found that 80% of consumers said that end-of-life batteries should be recycled; and 75% said they would definitely recycle batteries if there was an easy way to do it.
  • The recovery and recycling of batteries will reduce pollution from landfills.
  • The most successful battery recycling programs are those that are supported by government regulation.
  • Battery recycling is mandatory in the European Union.
Recycling batteries is important

Batteries are a risk to human health and the environment if disposed of inappropriately. They also contain valuable metals such as cadmium, zinc, manganese and cobalt as well as rare earth metals. These can be recovered to reduce the consumption of finite natural resources.

More specifically:

  • Lead, mercury and cadmium are particularly toxic, but other metals such as nickel can also be of concern if they leach into surface or ground water.
  • Recycling batteries will help to conserve valuable non-renewable resources.
  • Recycling batteries can recover up to 90% of the materials used to manufacture them.
  • Removal of batteries and other e-waste from household waste will help to support the production of high quality organic products from alternative waste facilities.
  • The Australian Government has listed ‘end-of-life handheld batteries’ as a class of products being considered for some form of accreditation or regulation under the Product Stewardship Act 2011.
  • The opportunity to recycle batteries in a safe and responsible way can help achieve a more sustainable and low-impact household, office or school. Be part of the solution by subscribing to the ECOACTIV Battery Recycling service.

Battery Recycling Order Form

Please note that we are not currently offering this service to those located in:
Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory

*Price includes shipping and recycling

What can I recycle?

All batteries typically used in hand-held products in household, school or office environments can be recycled through ECOACTIV. This includes single-use (non-rechargeable) batteries, as well as a multi-use (rechargeable) batteries. These categories are sometimes also referred to as ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ batteries.

More specifically the following batteries are accepted and recycled through ECOACTIV:

Single-use batteries accepted:

  • Alkaline batteries including AA, AAA, C and D sizes, and rectangular 6 and 9 volt batteries.
  • Button cell batteries used in watches, cameras, toys, clocks and other small devices, comprising Lithium, Silver Zinc and other chemistries.
  • All handheld batteries with chemistries including alkaline, zinc-carbon and lithium

Rechargeable batteries accepted:

  • Batteries used in handheld products and devices including Nickel Cadmium (NiCD, NC), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH, NM), and Lithium Ion (Li Ion) chemistries.

Used lead acid batteries (ULABs) are not covered through the prepaid ECOACTIV service, however we can quote on a tailored solution for ULABs.

If in doubt please call the ECOACTIV Helpline with your queries:  1800 489 278

How it works

Recycling batteries through ECOACTIV is straightforward and user-friendly. Our aim is to make battery collection and recycling uncomplicated, low cost, safe and environmentally sound.

ECOACTIV involves five key steps towards diverting batteries from landfill and running a waste-wise household or workplace:

  1. Subscribe – Purchase the prepaid ECOACTIV Battery Recycling service from our online shop. Once your order has been processed, an ECOACTIV battery collection container will be dispatched within 5 working days.
  2. Fill – Place your collection container in a prominent location away from direct sunlight and heat to promote and encourage the recycling of batteries.
  3. Secure – When the container is full, secure with the plastic lid provided.
  4. Return for recycling – Call ECOACTIV on:  1800 489 278 or email: to arrange a pick-up for your full container.
  5. Repeat – Purchase a new bucket from our online shop to continue recycling your batteries with us.

Please note: all shipping and recycling is included in the price.

Safe storage

Used batteries are potentially hazardous, so they need to be stored and handled carefully. They need to be kept out of reach of children. Button cells (small round batteries) can be swallowed, causing choking or chemical burns. Some of the materials inside batteries are toxic, so you need to be careful of damaged or leaking batteries. Batteries must be kept away from sunlight or heat.

In an emergency situation you can call :

  • Emergency:  000
  • Poisons Hotline:  13 11 26
What happens to batteries collected through ECOACTIV

Batteries collected through ECOACTIV are safely transported to a specialist facility where they are sorted by chemistry or battery type. Depending on battery chemistry, they are subsequently transported to local and overseas recyclers under strict standards, guidelines and approvals for processing and materials recovery. As community awareness and collection volumes increase, local processing of alkaline and lithium batteries may become commercially viable.

The ECOACTIV Battery Recycling service is operated by Infoactiv Group, a specialist product recovery and environment stewardship organisation that is focused on environmentally sound supply chain solutions for consumers, business and government agencies. Infoactiv is a member of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) and has adopted the ABRI Packaging guidelines for used handheld batteries. For more information about ABRI look here.

A distinguishing feature of the purpose-built ECOACTIV Battery collection container is the Micro-Porous Gause Vent that allows venting for either pressure or vacuum relief. This provides an added level of storage safety by way of allowing any build of gases to easily and safely escape.

Customer care

At Infoactiv we are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We welcome your enquiries and encourage your feedback. Don’t hesitate to make contact if you have specific questions about ECOACTIV Battery Recycling. You can either ring our Helpline on: 1800 489 278 or email us at:

For more information about our purchasing, privacy and refunds policies, look here.

Please note that we are not currently offering this service to those located in:
Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory 

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