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Battery Disposal

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Trust ECOACTIV For Easy, Convenient Battery Disposal In Brisbane, Melbourne, And Sydney

Each year, roughly 264 million batteries reach the end of their life and are thrown away in Australia. Those batteries are the equivalent of 12,000 tonnes of waste. Most individuals and businesses do not how to perform proper battery disposal in Brisbane and other cities around the country. Most of the used batteries, approximately 8,000 tonnes, end up in landfills across the country and another nearly 3,000 tonnes are kept in garages, cupboards, and drawers by homeowners and business owners. ECOACTIV offers easy solutions for product recovery and waste management such as battery disposal. ECOACTIV is part of Infoactiv, a company that provides supply chain and logistics to a number of different businesses and government entities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and the rest of Australia.

Why Proper Battery Disposal In Melbourne Is Important

Batteries contain a number of toxic chemicals and metals including nickel, lead, mercury, and cadmium. When battery disposal is handled improperly, a great risk is presented to human health and to the environment. The 8,000 tonnes of batteries that are placed in landfills present problems for nearby ground water. Those toxic chemicals can seep into groundwater and present a number of risks to the environment.

ECOACTIV offers a simple, easy solution by providing proper battery disposal in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. ECOACTIV provides a low-cost battery recycling program that can also keep batteries out of landfills. Most businesses and households prefer to recycle items like batteries when a viable, simple solution is available. ECOACTIV is that solution.

Battery Recycling By ECOACTIV

Recycling batteries helps to protect people and the environment. Doing so through ECOACTIV is straightforward and simple. Those who subscribe to the service are provided with collection containers. When batteries reach the end of their lives, they are placed into the containers. The containers should be kept in areas away from direct sunlight and heat. When they are full, the containers are sealed and ECOACTIV is notified to arrange a pickup. Subscribers then order a new container and repeat the process so that batteries do not end up in landfills.

Other Waste Disposal And Recycling Services

Besides battery disposal in Brisbane, Melbourne, and the rest of Australia, ECOACTIV offers a number of other product waste management services in 17 countries all across Asia Pacific. The company provides an environmentally safe method for disposing of computers. At some point, companies will need to get rid of certain machines in their business and replace them with new ones. When the old ones go out, ECOACTIV can make sure they are disposed of properly. Those discarding computers need a trustworthy company that will dismantle the devices with a strict attention to data security. All equipment is sent to Australian recyclers for dismantling and processing that adheres to the highest of environmental standards.

ECOACTIV also offers E waste collection and disposal programs for businesses, government, and other organisations. E waste is collected and materials are recycled and used to manufacture new products. To learn more about battery disposal and other services offered by ECOACTIV, visit the company website,