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Commercial Battery & Electronic Waste Disposal, Recycling & Collection – Melbourne

Solution For Melbourne’s Commercial Battery Recycling And Disposal and Electronic Waste Collection Available

If you are a commercial business in Melbourne, you are using electronic goods each day and most likely your company is consuming quite a lot of them. When those goods are no longer of use, e.g. commercial batteries or electronic waste, what do you do? Most people know by now that they should not dispose of batteries in the rubbish bin, but do we know or care where they go? Have you ever considered the lifecycle of the electronic waste that we generate?

Every Year Less Than 5% Of Domestic Batteries That Require Disposal Are Recycled

The problem is that leaves 95% of batteries to go into landfills, and to pollute the land and water with toxic, heavy metals. ECOACTIV’s parent company, Infoactiv, is the leader in the design and delivery of product recovery and stewardship solutions, including take-back services for commercial battery recycling and disposal. ECOACTIV has brands, corporations, and governments in Australia and across seventeen countries who participate in battery and electronic waste programmes. The larger the company, the greater the environmental impact.

Customise your Electronic Waste Collection, Disposal And Recycling Programme

An increasing problem in a technology-dependent world is the question of what to do with the major electronic waste. When you have the end in mind, as well as recycling, you can increase the value of your electronic products because they will have a purpose beyond their strattera generic cost first use. Non-renewable resources can be used to manufacture new products. Many consumers do not have that end in mind, but we do.

ECOACTIV professionals will help your company to design a programme with an end-to-end solution. We consider the lifecycle of the goods you produce and the waste that is generated and also aims to create a cost-effective program for your business that is both environmentally responsible and works efficiently. All waste products are sourced to Australian companies first, and not shipped and discarded carelessly overseas.

Companies such as Apple, Nikon, Canon and the City of Sydney trust us for collecting their commercial batteries and electronic waste. They engage in socially responsible commerce. We think that everyone should. ECOACTIV makes it convenient and manageable and strives to exceed Melbourne’s customer’s expectations. We also provide nationwide services for the electronic waste programs.

Although the international reputation will speak for itself, the programme that is designed for your company for its waste recycling and disposal will speak even louder.

ECOACTIV will look after your environmental obligations and handle the collection and management of all of your business’s electronic waste and commercial batteries whether it is through recycling, or extracting dangerous chemicals and then properly disposing of them. You can focus on growing your business. If you are a business in Melbourne, we encourage you to join the ECOACTIV brand and global commerce leaders to engage your company in proactive environmental stewardship programmes.