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Commercial Battery & Electronic Waste Disposal, Recycling & Collection – Sydney

Commercial Battery Disposal in Sydney Including Electronic Waste Recycling and Disposal

At ECOACTIV, we are committed to providing Sydney businesses with low cost and professional electronic waste recycling in Sydney. We take pride in our work and are passionate about the environment, which is why this article will highlight some of the harmful effects commercial battery disposal can have on the environment, as well as what can be done to solve these effects.

Effect of Batteries on the Environment

Batteries contain a wide variety of chemicals which largely depends on their type, but some of the most common elements used in batteries are lead, lithium, cadmium and mercury. One of the most adverse effects of these chemicals is on the water system where they are disposed. When it rains, the harmful chemicals can be washed away from the initial landfill site and find their way into many different ecosystems, sometimes at great distances from the original site of disposal.

Commercial battery recycling effects are not limited to the local area surrounding landfill, and can pose significant threats to local animal and plant populations wherever they end up. The negative impact on the water supply can also constitute a significant threat to humans if not treated properly. This fact applies in particular if the water source is used for drinking water.

Another way in which incorrect commercial battery disposal in Sydney can affect the environment is via air pollution. Perhaps this fact is not as widely known as the issues regarding water contamination, but it is still a large problem nonetheless.

As batteries decompose in landfill, there is a chemical reaction with light (photovoltaic reaction) which produces harmful gas emissions. These gases are known to affect the quality of air adversely, contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, and increase the greenhouse effect of global warming.

One of the best ways to reduce these adverse consequences is through electronic waste collection and electronic waste recycling. These efforts save the batteries from landfill, eliminating their negative impact on the environment and also freeing up their materials to be reused, which reduces the need for raw materials and further decreases their wider environmental effects.

Commercial Battery Recycling Sydney

At ECOACTIV, our mission is to help reduce the impact of humans on the environment by offering services such as commercial battery recycling in Sydney and beyond.

We started life as a small business in 1999 and first increased our operations in major Australian cities such as Sydney, to the point that we now have commercial battery disposal operations in 17 countries in the Asia-Pacific area.

Our core philosophy is to ensure that as our customer, you receive the service that is right for you. We do not limit ourselves to a particular way of thinking about commercial battery recycling and instead concentrate on obtaining the best results for you.

Our services for electronic waste collection and electronic waste recycling cover a broad range of equipment used by many businesses, schools and government organisations. Most handheld portable appliances contain a battery of some sort—if you find that your business disposes of these type of products via landfill, perhaps you might consider electronic waste collection in Sydney.