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Computer Disposal

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Feel Secure With ECOACTIV Computer Disposal In Sydney, Melbourne, And Brisbane

Technology is ever changing and because it is businesses and households across Australia will eventually replace outdated computers. As a result, computer disposal in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other cities is becoming increasingly more important. ECOACTIV is an Australian company that specialises in cost-effective product recovery and waste management solutions. Obsolete computers can present a number of problems to both humans and to the environment. Businesses and households can rely on ECOACTIV to help them make sure that not only the materials are removed from their location, but also any data on those machines is secure.

Benefits Of Computer Disposal in Melbourne

Due to rapid updates in technology, computers are becoming more advanced and, in many cases, more affordable. It is becoming easier for businesses and households to replace their computers with better technology. This increases the number of outdated machines considerably. Proper disposal of these machines is best left to professionals like those at ECOACTIV.

Old computers can be a valuable source of raw materials if the machines are dismantled correctly. If not, computers like batteries contain a number of toxic chemicals and metals. If left to go into landfills, these machines can cause harm to the environment and to humans. Proper computer disposal is important and ECOACTIV can provide a very simple, cost-effective process.

ECOACTIV Computer Recycling

Outdated computers can be recycled and ECOACTIV provides programs suited to the needs of individuals and businesses. The company can tailor a product recovery and waste management program that meets your cost requirements as well as compliance objectives. ECOACTIV ensures that all materials generic strattera usa collected are dismantled properly and processed to the strictest environmental standards. All computers are sent to Australian recyclers, part of a network that ECOACTIV works with to recycle old machines and parts that are used in the manufacture of new products.

Complete Product Recovery And Waste Management

In addition to computer disposal in Sydney, ECOACTIV provides a host of services designed to help businesses and households with effective waste management. The disposal of batteries is a major issue in Australia. Roughly 12,000 tonnes of batteries are disposed of in Australia each year. About 8,000 tonnes wind up in a landfill in cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. This presents numerous environmental risks since batteries are made up of several chemicals and metals. These substances can seep into groundwater and do damage to the environment. Battery recycling can help to prevent this from occurring.

ECOACTIV also provides electronic waste collection and disposal. Like batteries and computers, other electronic waste presents environmental problems. ECOACTIV can easily design a collection and disposal program that is cost-effective for the consumer as well as environmentally sound. The company also provides fluorescent tube disposal, another important service designed to keep globes and tubes out of landfills.

Those interested in product recovery and waste management services in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney from ECOACTIV can visit the company’s website, There is the ability to request a free quote on the website. It is also possible to send a direct email for more information. Those who wish to speak to a company representative can call 1800 489 278.