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Computer Recyclers

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ECOACTIV, The Hassle-Free, Reliable Computer Recyclers In Melbourne, Sydney, And Brisbane

In today’s age of rapidly advancing technology, the disposal and recycling of computers is becoming a bigger issue. If computers are not disposed of correctly, they can present a number of environmental problems, not to mention the security breaches that could occur as a result of information left on outdated machines. Businesses, government offices, and other organisations need computer recyclers in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney that make recycling easy. ECOACTIV, an Australian specialist in product recovery and waste management services, does just that.

Why Recycling Computers Is Needed

It is becoming easier and easier for companies to produce new technology. The result is that computers become outdated much quicker. Because of the mass production of such computers, it is also more affordable to replace them. Businesses and households are much more likely to replace their old machines. Thus, the need for computer recyclers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Old computers contain a number of raw materials that can be reused if they are treated the right way. The machines must be dismantled properly so that these raw materials can be recovered. ECOACTIV works with a network of expert computer recyclers across the nation to ensure that old computers are dismantled properly. When outdated computers are not treated properly, they can be a source of toxic metals and chemicals. Old machines that end up in landfills can do serious damage to the environment. Chemicals can seep into groundwater near the landfill and create a number of problems to humans and the environment.

The Cost-effective, Hassle Free Computer Recyclers In Sydney

ECOACTIV makes computer recycling easy by customising a product recovery and waste management program that suits the needs of business organisations. Solutions by ECOACTIV help to minimise cost and environmental impacts as well as deliver the best net outcome for those who recycle. The company offers nationwide pick up and no parts are ever resold or reused. The result is a convenient, simple way for businesses, schools, and other organisations to dispose of their used computers.

ECOACTIV Provides Other Disposal And Recovery Services

Just as computer recyclers are needed, recyclers of other electronic waste, batteries, and more are needed. ECOACTIV provides battery recycling programs that make it very easy for companies and households to dispose of their used batteries. Those who participate in the program collect used batteries in containers and arrange for ECOACTIV to pick them up when they are full. This program can help to reduce the number of batteries that are going to landfills across the country. Some 8,000 tonnes of batteries wind up in landfills each year. Batteries in landfills can damage the environment by potentially leaking dangerous chemicals into surrounding groundwater.

ECOACTIV also provides services to dispose of and recycle electronic waste as well as fluorescent tubes and globes. We make it very easy for businesses and organisations in Melbourne, Brisbane, and the rest of Australia to begin and maintain disposal and recycling services. For more information about how ECOACTIV can serve your waste management needs, visit the company website,