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Data Security is Vital for IT Recycling

Reasons why you should take control of your data security


Organisations are increasingly looking to do the right thing by the environment and minimise their company’s carbon footprint. This typically includes proper management of redundant IT equipment.


When taking this step to manage unwanted product, organisations should be concerned about the safety and protection of their intellectual data. According to the Ponemon Institute, 21 percent of organisations that suffered a security breach occurred during the resale process. Even if you wipe the hard drive clean before disposing, this process is not 100% assured to keep your data protected.


1. Ensure removal and destruction of credit cards and personal information

Most organisations will delete the data off computer hard drives before they give their computers to a reseller or recycler, assuming that this is a secure enough measure to protect important data.


A study done in 2011 showed that of the 55 computers collected from second hand and IT resale shops, 80% of them did not have the data securely deleted off the devices and information such as credit card numbers, contact information and tax file numbers were recovered and easily accessible on the devices.


2. Protect intellectual property and sensitive commercial data
Along with personal information, don’t put your organisations sensitive data such as financial information, client data, tax records, employee information and trade secrets in a compromising position when you decide to recycle your IT equipment. Be aware of how easily this data can fall into the wrong hands and lead to a potential disastrous consequence such as bank account breaches.


You wouldn’t think twice about placing your customers’ bank details in your regular recycling bin without shredding it, so do the same when disposing of your computers that generic strattera have all of this information stored on them.


3. Maintain brand and reputation

If your sensitive data is breached, this can not only cause a financial or reputational loss to you, it can also reflect negatively on your customers. Don’t jeopardise the time and effort you have put into building your strong customer relationships only to lose their trust and your reputation.


4. Help ensure compliance

Ensuring secure data destruction will also keep you in compliance with the Privacy Act and any other regulatory compliance requirements set by your organisation. You want to be able to prove to your regulators and auditors that you have met these regulations.


5. Secure data destruction is straightforward

There are many different ways to ensure that your data is securely destroyed when managing your redundant IT waste, but one of the most effective methods to ensure that any data is impossible to access is through physical destruction or recycling of the equipment.


Physical destruction breaks down the hard drive and CPU into their raw components during the recycling process, making data is irretrievable. Not only is your data secure through this process, the raw materials from your IT equipment can now be reprocessed and re-utilised in the manufacture of new components and products, a win for the environment and for your organisation’s reputation.


Need a recycling and secure data solution provider?


Infoactiv can tailor your data security and asset disposition so that decommissioned equipment can be securely destroyed, redeployed or recycled.


Our secure operational management of Data Destruction can ensure a highly monitored chain of custody that protects your organisation.


Call Michael Dudley, our Data Security and Hardware Destruction specialist on T: 03 8892 3927 to talk about your specific requirements or email:



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