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E-Waste Collection

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ECOACTIV Provides E-Waste Collection for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Companies and Organisations

When the time comes to get rid of any older electronic equipment left around your company, it is not as simple as throwing the equipment away. Some older electronics may potentially contain hazardous substances, and everyone should make an effort to contribute to responsible management of E-waste. If we throw every outdated computer into a landfill, we will fill our landfills and waste non-renewable resources that could be reused in the manufacturing of new computers and electronic equipment.

Infoactiv was founded in May of 1999 and now provides services in 17 countries. Infoactiv has a branch of environmentally focused services, which are managed through their ECOACTIV brand. ECOACTIV provides IT asset disposition programs, take-back services, and design and production of product recovery solutions. ECOACTIV deals with the management of a variety of problematic waste categories, including IT equipment, mobile phones, electronics, appliances, batteries, and lighting.

E-Waste Collection in Sydney For Disposal and Recycling

At ECOACTIV, we know that your company doesn’t have time to waste running around, trying to figure out what to do with your outdated equipment. That’s why we provide E-waste collection and product recovery programs to help make sure that we are able to collect and recycle any unwanted E-waste, so that it can be reused to create new products. Our E-waste collection and recycling service is available for small, medium and large companies and organisations.

ECOACTIV provides E-waste collection Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane companies can count on. After ECOACTIV recycles strattera cost your unwanted equipment, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your company’s E-Waste recycling. ECOACTIV also ensures that any hazardous materials are safely managed to protect the environment.

ECOACTIV’s unique resource recovery and waste management services help to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly process for electronic equipment. When looking for E-waste collection, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney companies will find that ECOACTIV has the ability to deal with everything from computers and phones to appliances and florescent bulbs, safely. ECOACTIV ensures that all materials collected are dismantled and processed to the highest environmental standards.

Meet Regulatory Standards and Protect the Environment

Whether you have major appliances and electronics that you need to dispose of, or you are dealing with smaller, more common issues like batteries and fluorescent light tubes, ECOACTIV can take care of your E-waste collection needs. We offer nationwide pick up and collection services with competitive recycling rates. With our international experience, we are designed to meet the needs of our clients providing everything from regulatory compliance with E-waste collection to program design and implementation as needed.

After trusting ECOACTIV with their E-waste collection Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney companies are able to focus on their business. We handle the environmental affairs and any waste management problems so that you don’t have to worry. We always exceed our customer’s expectations and provide cost-effective, environmentally responsible services. Don’t waste your time dealing with E-waste. Let ECOACTIV take care of it for you so that you can focus on what matters to your company.