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E-Waste Disposal

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Clear Out Your Electronics Graveyard, with E-Waste Disposal For Companies in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Often, offices wind up with a closet full of old computer and printer parts from the generations of outdated equipment that no one really knows what to do with. This waste of space may contain hazardous materials from older equipment, and ultimately uses up valuable storage space, just because no one is really sure what to do with the ancient monitors. Companies may also worry about letting go of old disk drives or hard drives that could still contain sensitive information.


ECOACTIV is a branch of Infoactiv, focused on environmental services. We offer services for the design and implementation of product recovery solutions, IT asset disposal and take-back services. At ECOACTIV, we are dedicated to the protection of the environment and to making the most of our non-renewable resources used to create electronics today. Our focus on recycling helps to preserve these resources and helps make old mobile phones, computers, electronics and appliances into new ones. We also help to manage the risks associated with used batteries, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and other hazardous materials. We provide cost effective E-waste disposal for companies in 17 countries.

E-Waste Disposal Sydney Businesses Can Count On

With E-waste disposal, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne companies can finally get rid of these computer graveyards. ECOACTIV can safely and securely dispose of all of your outdated equipment. We provide responsible E-waste disposal, recycling unwanted equipment and ensuring that all hazardous substances are safely managed. Once we recycle all of your unwanted equipment, your company will receive a certificate of participation to acknowledge buy atomoxetine online your e-waste recycling.

With every E-waste disposal, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney companies can count on ECOACTIV to carefully manage any data on old electronic equipment. We provide secure hard drive destruction to make sure that any data is completely destroyed and your information remains secure, so companies never have to worry about what is still on that old hard drive.

Meeting Australian Standards for E-waste Disposal

All E-waste disposals that ECOACTIV provides meet federal standards. We provide sustainable disposal of all E-waste, making sure that we recycle everything we can to be reused in more modern equipment so that our landfills aren’t filled with old equipment. We safely manage and handle any hazardous materials, including batteries, fluorescent bulbs and any dangerous components of electronic equipment to protect the environment from exposure to these contaminants.

Whether your company is a large major brand, a multinational company, a government agency or medium industry company, or you are a tiny business just starting out, we have the right services to meet your needs. ECOACTIV is here to help you figure out what type of support you need, and we can provide you with regulatory compliance or help to design programs and implement them for your E-waste needs.

When you need E-waste disposal, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney businesses and organisations can count on ECOACTIV to provide them with sustainable, responsible disposal that helps to protect the environment and is competitively priced and convenient. Don’t waste your valuable time worrying about E-waste disposal. ECOACTIV can help you clear out those old machines and pieces to get your space back.