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E Waste Recycling

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ECOACTIV Delivers a Waste Management Hierarchy to Companies. Contact us for all E Waste Recycling Needs in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney

Waste streams are changing course. What was once a series of paperbound products has turned digital. Devices, from peripherals to portables, are constantly tossed away, flooding landfills with lead, mercury, and alkaline metals. This proves damaging for both the environment and the public.

ECOACTIV recognises the need for E waste recycling in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. This is why we embrace a nationwide policy, allowing each brand to achieve sustainable solutions. To learn more contact us today.


As part of the Infoactiv family, ECOACTIV serves as the leading provider of E waste recycling in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond. Our strategies utilise long-term logistics, all overseen by highly qualified compliance specialists. We advocate stewardship and apply custom methodologies to help brands redefine their production policies. To ensure superior E waste recycling in Sydney, ECOACTIV first establishes a hierarchy of needs – specifically those regarding minimisation.

Defining the Waste Hierarchy

Many E waste recycling services in Brisbane define the waste hierarchy as a Three-R process: reduce, recycle, reuse. However, ECOACTIV recognises that this doesn’t fully capture industry demands. This is why we now offer broader solutions for every brand. These include:

  • The development of resale and remarketing strategies. • The development of repair and refurbishment strategies. • The development of material recovery strategies. • The development of extended warranty claims. • The development of in-house sustainability programs (such as modular recycling stations).

    Through these methods, we can better analyse (and improve) E waste recycling needs in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond.

    Our Services

    Electronic waste is a national problem. Therefore, it deserves a national solution. This is why ECOACTIV delivers E waste recycling services to Sydney, Brisbane, and beyond. Our team offers:

    • Nationwide pick-ups, with electronic products carefully taken off-site and brought to ISO 14001 certified facilities.
    • A deep understanding of policy compliance standards (including those established by the Product Stewardship Act of 2011) to guarantee secure transfers across multiple jurisdictions.
    • Competitive rates to ensure results that are as budget-friendly as they are environmentally-friendly.
    • Proof of recycling participation, allowing companies to provide certifications whenever requested.
    • Access to logistics specialists, each familiar with every brand’s specific strategies and needs.

    As the premier E waste recycling service in Brisbane and beyond, ECOACTIV understands that each company has little time to spare for complicated pick-ups. This is why we streamline the process, enabling focus to shift to supply chain management instead of minimisation.

    Searching for E Waste Recycling Services in Melbourne, Sydney, and Beyond? Contact ECOACTIV Today