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For Retailers

Greening retail and building customer loyalty

Product recovery and waste management solutions for the retail sector are a unique opportunity to attract and retain consumers. Infoactiv designs and delivers cost effective campaigns, promotions and events based on the sale of new product and take-back/trade-in of redundant equipment and appliances.

The ECOACTIV solution helps you to manage post-consumer products and waste through retail-driven strategies. Partner with us as a collection partner for multiple product types and categories across several brands, OEMs and organisations that we jointly work with.

Most of all we can help retail operations ‘green-up’ with a view to maximising strattera buy uk promotional opportunities through specific services that bring credibility and environment creditably to you and your customers.


Register today and recycle your e-waste. The ECOACTIV IT equipment collection and recycling service is open to small, medium and large companies, retailers, government agencies, public institutions, healthcare related organisations, NGOs and not-for-profits.

For more details REGISTER or call our helpdesk on 1800 489 278.

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