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For Local Government

Municipal services and events for local communities

Waste management is core activity for local government, and ratepayers hold high expectations regarding cost and service. As a result local government and regional waste management groups are at the forefront of delivering community-oriented resource recovery and recycling services.

ECOACTIV provides a range of total waste management solutions for post-consumer products and waste streams of relevance to local government. From electronics and appliances, through to batteries, lighting and furniture, we can deliver a cost effective solution that is environmentally robust and community-friendly. ECOACTIV can also facilitate your participation in larger more comprehensive programs and schemes that we manage on behalf of brands and manufacturers.

Examples of product and waste types managed by ECOACTIV include:

  • ICT products and peripherals
  • Business imaging equipment and consumables
  • Consumer electronics including portable electronic devices
  • Small domestic appliances including kettles, toasters, irons and personal care devices
  • Major domestic appliances and whitegoods
  • Handheld batteries
  • Cameras and photographic equipment
  • Medical and scientific equipment
  • Mercury containing products
  • Lighting and fluorescent tubes and lamps
  • Commercial furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Commercial floor coverings and textiles

Any and all of these products can be recovered through the use of purpose-designed collection units, designated drop-off points or managed product recovery events.

Of particular relevance to local government is how ECOACTIV solutions include all end-to-end activity for the promotion and management of waste collection days and events, especially where they relate to post-consumer electrical and electronic products.

Our ECOACTIV solutions cut across jurisdictions, regions, industry sectors, product categories and waste streams. The focus is on adding value, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and environmentally improved outcomes.

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