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Products and wastes that can be managed through ECOACTIV

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, government department or business user, an ECOACTIV service will be custom-designed for the recovery, reuse and recycling of the following products:

  • ICT products and peripherals
  • Business imaging equipment and consumables
  • Consumer electronics including portable electronic devices
  • Small domestic appliances including kettles, toasters, irons and personal care devices
  • Major domestic appliances and whitegoods
  • Handheld batteries
  • Cameras and photographic equipment
  • Medical and scientific equipment
  • Linear fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps
  • Mercury containing products
  • Commercial furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Commercial floor coverings and textiles
  • Architectural and decorative paint and related surface coatings
  • And other product/waste categories

Any and all of these products can be recovered through the use of purpose-designed collection units, designated drop-off points or managed product recovery events.

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ECOACTIV will help to minimise environmental impacts, risks and costs of post-consumer products and wastes so you can get on with business and maximise your competitive green edge in the market place.

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