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E-Waste Collection

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ECOACTIV Stresses the Need for Product Stewardship in Australia. Contact us to Learn More About Electronic Waste Disposal in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney

On June 30th, 2015, Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt released a list of industrial products. These products – which included architectural paint, decorative paint, and batteries weighing less the 5KG – would become part of the Product Stewardship Act of 2011, with consumers and retailers alike urged to dispose of them more efficiently. They were, Hunt argued, potential hazards.

ECOACTIV has long since recognised the danger of paint-based products and batteries. Our electronic waste disposal services in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney already accommodate these items, and we fully comply with the guidelines established by the Stewardship Act.


ECOACTIV, as part of the Infoactiv family, delivers superior electronic waste disposal services to Melbourne and beyond. Our team of logistics specialists works in adherence with the Product Stewardship Act, blending regulatory standards with custom end-to-end solutions. This ensures that every company enhances their chain supply sustainability.

It also ensures that certain products – such as architectural paint and batteries – are carefully picked-up, processed, and rendered safe for the environment. To learn more about our electronic waste disposal services in Sydney, Brisbane, and beyond contact us today.

What is Product Stewardship?

In 2011 the Department of the Environment revealed the Product Stewardship Act. This act outlined both the necessity of electronic waste disposal in Brisbane and ways to achieve it. It stressed generic strattera 40mg without prescription voluntary stewardship, co-regulatory stewardship, and mandatory stewardship – with different regulations attached to each and specific conduct codes required. Its purpose was to combat the ever-growing issue of E waste in Australia.

ECOACTIV immediately understood the importance of the Stewardship Act. We followed – and continue to follow – its requirements, allowing us to better provide electronic waste disposal services in Melbourne and beyond.

Our Strategies

To ensure that every electronic waste disposal action in Sydney meets all Product Stewardship requirements, ECOACTIV delivers a series of end-to-end strategies. These strategies allow each brand to follow the law and improve their overall efficiencies. They include:

  • Access to Product Stewardship specialists, each having mastered regulatory codes for unique industrial sectors and jurisdictions.
  • Identification of products requiring stewardship.
  • Identification of electronic waste streams.
  • Creation of electronic waste management solutions.
  • Implementation of electronic waste disposal solutions in Brisbane, Sydney, and beyond.
  • Creation of carbon management strategies.
  • Identification of product life cycles and ways to improve them.

These elements combine for greater sustainability within the industrial world. To receive an ECOACTIV quote contact us today.

Searching for Electronic Waste Disposal Services in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Beyond? ECOACTIV Complies to all Product Stewardship Demands

ECOACTIV believes in environmental protection and government compliance. This is why we embrace the Product Stewardship Act, fusing it with our custom services. To learn more about electronic waste disposal in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne contact us today. Our team will gladly answer any questions about regulation demands and reverse logistics.