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E-Waste Collection at Storage King

Recycle your unwanted electronics for free*

Storage King – the experts in self storage – are working with MobileMuster and ECOACTIV Product Recovery Programs to help collect and recycle unwanted consumer electronics, computer equipment and mobile phones.


* A small charge of $3.50 covers the cost of the required e-waste collection box. The cost of recycling the collected e-waste materials remains free.

What is accepted?

  • Notebooks, printers, fax machines, scanners,  desktop sized printers, CD drives, hard drives
  • VCR players, projectors, overhead projects, network  equipment, cables, keyboards, mice, floppy discs, printer cartridges
  • Electronic games/toys, DVD players, stereos,  cameras, video cameras, iPods
  • Mobile phones, their batteries, chargers and accessories

Only products that fit into the box will be accepted. Dimensions of the box are as follows: 44cm height, 41cm length, 30cm width

  • Whitegoods, vacuum cleaners, microwaves and other  domestic appliances
  • UPS units, cathode ray tubes (CRTs) out of their casing  (cracked or broken)
  • Non-computer batteries; non-mobile phone batteries;  loose batteries eg. A, AA, C, D & 9 volt
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Fluorescent lighting tubes, globes and lamps
  • Power tools and industrial equipment
  • Any contaminated equipment or other hazardous waste


Download a list of participating Storage King stores across Australia

Our promise

  • 90% of materials recovered
  • Nothing resold
  • All data destroyed

How it works?

Why recycle?

  • Keep out of landfill
  • Protect the environment
  • Conserve scarce resources
  • Save energy and avoid Greenhouse gas emissions

How are they recycled?

Mobile and Accessories, click here for more information…

ECOACTIV Battery Recycling Solutions

ECOACTIV also provides user-friendly battery recycling solutions for the workplace, schools and home. Our battery collection and recycling buckets are ideal if you want to keep batteries out of landfill and ensure they are responsibly recycled. More information (and pricing) is available on our battery recycling page.

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