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Why do freight companies consistently over-bill?


Checking freight bills and every transaction is critical! But let’s face it, how often do we do it?



I know you try, you check the odd one that doesn’t look right, or the high value ones, with half an eye on it. That’s because you’re busy, the team is stretched, they need to focus on more important matters, resources are precious and that’s up to finance to do right?


Well, not even finance has the systems, knowledge and processes to do this, because it requires specialist knowledge. It also requires energy.


When we perform this service for customers, I know we are saving the customer money and have their back, because here’s whats circling around in our heads:


  • Is this a duplicate charge?
  • Is the weight right or overstated?
  • Is it according to right contract terms?
  • What supporting documentation is provided to legally support these charges?
  • Is this even authorised?
  • What fees and surcharges generic strattera adhd have been applied outside the rate card and are they even valid?


And that’s just the start….


In our experience, companies that have robust processes and smart systems across their invoices, and not just freight invoices, they discover significant unlocked dollars. Who doesn’t want to find between 5-15% of total spend to allocate elsewhere!! … like on sales, resources, business improvements and better servicing your customers.


You measure and manage sales and marketing in your business to strict KPIs and metrics, yet not your external supplier activity. Not really… The reality is, we feel the pain of our customers and we protect every dollar, because it’s your money right?


There are independent providers like us that have expertise, systems and cloud solutions available to easily do this. Check us out here.


Let’s chat some more if you have any queries.


Helen Jarman – Managing Director
Mobile:  +61 410 555 671



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