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Rechargeable Button Cell Battery Collection, Recycling & Disposal – Melbourne

Battery Collection Company in Melbourne, For All Your Rechargeable Battery Or Button Cell Battery Disposal or Recycling

ECOACTIV’s battery collection programmes provide low-cost, consumer-friendly solutions for keeping batteries out of landfills. It also helps to recover non-renewable resources for use in manufacturing new products.

Responsible Button Cell Recycling

Every year less than 5% of the 12,000 tonnes of domestic batteries that require disposal are recycled. One of the most common ways people dispose of these batteries is the wheelie bin. The problem is, that leaves 95% of button cell and rechargeable batteries to go to landfills in Melbourne instead of being recycled or disposed of properly. Eco-conscious processes for battery disposal or recycling helps to prevent all the toxic heavy metals from entering landfills in the first place. This reduces risks to both human health and the natural environment that surrounds our communities. The larger the organisation or group, the more waste is produced. All batteries typically used in hand-held products in household, school or office environments can be recycled and disposed of through ECOACTIV.

Ecoactiv Button Cell And Rechargeable Battery Collection, Recycling And Disposal For Personal And Business-Friendly Environmental Solutions

Recycling batteries through ECOACTIV is straightforward and user-friendly. Our aim is to make battery collection and recycling uncomplicated and low-cost while being safe and environmentally sound. We collect the rechargeable and button cell batteries and bring them to other Australian businesses who dismantle, recycle, and dispose of batteries and other strattera online canada electronic waste from all types of jobs and commerce, homes, school, and businesses.

We service the needs of any small to medium-sized business, as well as for major brands, multinationals, government agencies and industry associations. No company is too small or less important to us, nor is anyone too significant to participate in battery recycling.

Ecoactiv’s Professionals Work Across The Spectrum Battery Recycling And Disposal

If you are a business, we will also support your business from policy and regulatory compliance through to setting up a program and then implement it. ECOACTIV is up-to-date on the most relevant regulations, standards and codes of practice for your business and its location in regards to your non-renewable materials recovery or disposal. The most significant concern is linking resource use to product sustainability and the relationship to our communities.

Let ECOACTIV set up a button cell battery and rechargeable battery collection programme for you wherever you are in Melbourne. ECOACTIV makes it very convenient which helps everyone participate in this important step in our consumption of non-renewables. The planning and the collection of all of the button cell and rechargeable batteries are done for you. Many battery manufacturing companies have only just begun to look at product stewardship in accordance with regulations as well as environmental concerns, but we are working proactively and in harmony with the environment, homes, schools and business in Melbourne.