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Rechargeable Button Cell & Re-chargeable Battery Collection, Recycling & Disposal – Sydney

End of Life Battery Services in Sydney: Button cell and Rechargeable Battery Disposal and Recycling

The environmental effects of everyday technology are becoming more widely known to the general Sydney public as each year passes. This new public enlightenment means that it can be increasingly necessary for your brand to practice ethically sound corporate responsibility when it comes to environmental issues.

These days, there are more and more materials that your business uses that need recycling responsibly—gone are the days of just glass and cardboard recycling!

Some of the improvements in the recycling technology used have seen an increase in the number of recyclable plastics, and that is without mentioning the various amounts of electronic waste that can now be effectively recycled.

One of the major breakthroughs in recycling technology is related to the array of batteries that we can now dispose of safely. Battery collection, button cell battery recycling and rechargeable battery recycling, are more common and together contribute towards positive steps for the environment.

At ECOACTIV, we provide a broad range of end of life services, including rechargeable battery recycling in Sydney and further afield.

Rechargeable Battery Disposal Sydney

The use of technology in the average office has seen a monumental increase in waste handheld devices that contain materials that are hazardous to the environment. We can easily establish the effects that rechargeable battery disposal has on the environment. Thankfully, there is increasing awareness about such issues.

If your company disposes of a large amount of devices that contain batteries, then our services for button cell battery recycling and rechargeable battery recycling can help you.

We provide a low-cost service that is designed to keep buy generic strattera online batteries out of landfill and thereby eliminate the harmful effects on the wider environment. The chemicals used in batteries can hurt wildlife, and this is not limited to areas immediately surrounding landfill sites. The cumulative effects can build up in food chains and even affect water systems—further spreading the negative impact of incorrect rechargeable battery disposal.

Our data suggests that we recycle less than 5% of the 12,000 tonnes of discarded domestic batteries, which means that we are a long way from sound environmental policies in Australia. We design our services for battery collection in Sydney with these figures in mind, and we hope that—along with our partners and other businesses in the sector – we can increase the rate at which battery collection and recycling is realised.

Low-Cost Solutions for Your Business

Since our beginnings in 1999, we have always had a proactive approach to our business and try to use innovation to bring better solutions for our Sydney customers.

We can provide a tailor-made solution for button cell battery recycling in Sydney if your company has a unique way of working. We always want to provide you with a top quality service and our central philosophy is doing what is right for you, rather than what is established and simple for us.

If you require rechargeable battery recycling in Sydney, our site has a plethora of information which has been put together to demonstrate the positive impact our work has on the environment. If you require further information, you can contact us by phone or email. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.