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Sharing knowledge, information and data is vital

Infoactiv’s capability brochures provide a concise description of our services and outputs. These documents also explain the essential Infoactiv approach and how we work with customers to deliver practical solutions that are cost effective.

The need to share ‘real world’ experiences with current and prospective customers is an important way of demonstrating the effectiveness of Infoactiv’s solutions. Our case studies page is a useful starting point to see what can be achieved through intelligently designed and tightly deployed supply chain management solutions, including our ECOACTIV product recovery programs.

Inherent in how Infoactiv transfers knowledge is our participation in industry and government forums, including membership of key organisations involved in waste management, resource recovery and product stewardship.

You will also find media statements for major announcements and new projects, as well as citations and references for where Infoactiv has been discussed or quoted in the media.

The Infoactiv blog is also worth viewing to catch up on more detailed stories related to supply chain management, reverse logistics and product stewardship activities. Authored by Infoactiv staff or our partners, the blog is a valuable source of ideas, news, opinions and knowledge.

Read, share, comment and respond. We look forward to hearing from you.

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