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Towards Responsible Prosperity

Infoactiv’s experience and initial observations


Most businesses are aware that many consumers increasingly want to interact with companies that incorporate some form of sustainability or corporate social responsibility in their operations, products and services.


To the progressive, forward thinking companies, this is an exciting opportunity to become industry leaders and reconsider markets, commodities, technology and operations differently.


Traditional ‘business as usual’ is no longer going to ensure long term success. Mega shifts in demographics, emerging markets, pressure on natural resources and mobile communications are all challenging the traditional business model.


Helen Jarman, Infoactiv’s MD believes that businesses benefit from the planet’s natural and human capital, and therefore the obligation to reconnect company success with social progress is a must. Enlightened commercialism is an essential direction for the environment, society and the economy.


It is not about trying to be something you’re not. It is about focusing on what your business does best, and connecting that strength towards responsible prosperity for your business and the wider community.


Embracing sustainability as a core, strategic objective is smart business. Whether you’re driven by the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular Economy, Triple Bottom Line or Shared Value. They are all ultimately working towards a common goal of extending businesses responsibility beyond making a profit.


At Infoactiv, we are attracted to the concept of Shared Value and Responsible Prosperity as they enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in the communities in which it operates. [1] It enables companies to create measurable business value by identifying and addressing social problems and environmental imperatives that intersect with their business. It works to embed sustainability and societal issues into the core of any company strategy.


But the best part is that it is a positive embrace of capitalism that works for all types of leaders, regardless of their stance on the sustainability agenda because it does not sacrifice profits. Shared value is about making smart decisions that serve the community and business simultaneously.


At Infoactiv we have been lucky enough to work with the sorts of organisations that understand this concept such as Apple, Telstra, Nikon and MobileMuster. Infoactiv helps our partners rethink the way they do business and view their value chain.


There is no silver bullet; every company must look at their strengths and biggest area for impact that will bring prosperity for both their company and wider community.


For more information:


Helen Jarman

Managing Director, Infoactiv

P: +61 3 8892 3901



[1] Harvard Business Review, Creating Shared Value



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