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Secure Computer Destruction, Disposal, Recycling & Collection – Sydney

Properly Dispose of your Outdated IT Equipment with a Secure Computer Disposal Service in Sydney

In today’s workplace, it seems that machines are taking over. No, this isn’t the prelude to an invasion as you might see in a Sci-fi movie, but the truth is more and more computers, printers, servers and other IT equipment are required these days. A computer is considered to be an everyday tool for virtually every office worker, with some managers and executives having more than one computer at their disposal, not to mention a laptop, tablet, and probably a smartphone for good measure. Have you ever wondered what happens to all of this tech when it becomes obsolete? What happens to the data stored on them? If you’re on the East Coast of Australia, you might need the services of a secure computer destruction company in Sydney.

ECOACTIV’s E-Waste Recycling Service

Not just in Sydney, but nationwide, ECOACTIV operates an efficient service to deal with all kinds of e-waste. With a national pick-up infrastructure and competitive rates, we ensure the secure disposal of all your waste IT equipment. We do not resell any devices or components, nor do we reuse them in any capacity. All of your e-waste will be securely disposed of, conforming to ISO14001 regulations.

ECOACTIV’s position in the marketplace is such that we can benefit both small and large companies with equal effectiveness. If you only have a few computers a year to dispose of, that’s fine. Or, if you need our services on a regular basis to remove multiple units a month, we can also accommodate you. We can provide all the necessary facilities regarding the safe disposal of computer equipment, and at the same time make sure you are conforming to regulations and rules relating to the impact on the environment. In fact, we employ some of Australia’s leading specialists, who are proficient in e-waste laws and how they affect businesses and the environment.

Speak to Us About Secure Computer Disposal in Sydney

If you have any questions regarding secure computer recycling in Sydney or the disposal of IT equipment, please give us a call to discuss the options. We can provide a broad spectrum of services, including the secure destruction of hard drives and sensitive data. We use Australian recyclers for the dismantling and disposing of equipment. Thus we not only help to maintain the environment but actively help the Australian economy as well.

At ECOACTIV, we focus on business-friendly environmental solutions that are not only extremely convenient for busy companies like yours but also extremely environmentally-friendly as well. Whether you have IT equipment for an office, school, factory, or any other location, we can tailor a convenient, hassle-free and reliable service to remove and dispose of computers and other IT equipment properly, and to the correct standards.

Our goal is to collaborate with you to manage your environmental responsibilities, so you can concentrate and focus on your business objectives. Call 1800 489 278 or email to discuss setting up a computer collection in Sydney or talk to us about the many valuable services we can offer you to conveniently and efficiently dispose of your out-of-date equipment.