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Secure Data Destruction, Disposal & E-Waste Destruction – Melbourne

Secure E-Waste Services in Melbourne—Data Destruction and Disposal

The amount of technology used in the average Melbourne home or office is more than at any point in history, and this has caused problems regarding disposal. The technology has increased at such a rapid rate that policy makers did not react quickly enough to ensure proper disposal methods were in force.

Thankfully there are a range of measures in place to ensure that we keep the environmental impact of E-waste destruction to a minimum. These actions are necessary because a computer can contain up to 2kg of lead which is hidden deep within internal circuits and components and therefore hard to process.

At ECOACTIV, we are a company with a long history of providing secure data destruction in Melbourne and beyond. Although this is a relatively new industry, we still have over 15 years of experience within the sector.

E-Waste Destruction in Melbourne

We understand that our customers want environmentally sound E-waste destruction services, but also that secure data destruction is just as high a priority. Our services for secure data disposal in Melbourne have been put together to offer our customers a low cost and professional way to kill two birds with one stone—ensuring that your old computer undergoes a data destruction process that is not only secure but also environmentally stable.

We can provide certification for our data disposal services so that you can have the peace of mind that your sensitive personal or commercial data has been destroyed completely and in line atomoxetine with the highest industry standards. We achieve this through the complete hard drive destruction—and recycling where requested – so that any critical data cannot be accessed. Our E-waste recycling service conforms to independent certification, and we will provide proof of certification for these services if you require them.

Wide Industry Experience

We started out as a smaller operation in 1999 and have since expanded throughout Australia to cities such as Melbourne, and overseas to 17 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

We believe that this history and experience positions us as one of the market leaders for secure data disposal in Melbourne and beyond. We are agile enough to provide a high-quality data disposal service for small and medium businesses but robust enough to deal with large OEM brands throughout Australia.

We work in conjunction with an extensive logistics chain as well as having waste and sustainability experience, which means that we can provide services for data destruction in Melbourne at all life cycle stages, including policy and regulatory compliance all the way through to program design and implementation.

We can tailor our E-waste destruction in Melbourne to suit the needs of your business and endeavour to think outside of the box to achieve the best result for you. For more information about what we do, this site offers information on most of our services, but should you have any further questions, you can call by phone or send an email. We aim to address all enquiries within one standard working day.