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Secure Data & E-Waste Destruction & Disposal – Sydney

Protect your Privacy with Secure Data Destruction in Sydney

Regardless of whether you’re a home user or a business user, there comes a time when you decide to swap your computer out for a newer model. Perhaps your old machine is sluggish and will cost too much to upgrade, or you’re after something with a little more power that has up-to-date hardware and software. Whatever the reason, it’s likely that you’ll be moving a significant amount of data from your old computer to the new one.

Did you know, however, that just deleting the information or moving it doesn’t remove all traces of the data from your old hard drive? In many cases, merely deleting the data or formatting your hard disk just removes the hard disk’s index (a file that knows the location of where the data is on the drive). Unscrupulous people can retrieve the data from old hard drives simply by using software that is freely available on the Internet.

If you have sensitive or personal data, then obviously this is not an ideal situation.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction from ECOACTIV

At ECOACTIV, we have the solution you or your business needs to safely dispose of your old IT equipment, and not fall foul of common data security issues. We provide secure data destruction services in Sydney as well as on a nationwide basis that utterly destroys all data on your old hard-drives so that it can never be accessed again. If you’re arranging for secure data disposal in Sydney, or you’re thinking of taking advantage of ECOACTIV’s e-waste destruction service in Sydney, ask us about the methods we use to destroy all data on your old hard drive securely. We’ll be glad to explain the procedure to you.

Usually, there are one of two ways to securely destroy data on a hard drive. The first involves wiping the data in a very specific way. As you may already know, computers store date in binary format, with each “bit” of data being either a zero (0) or a one (1). The preferred method is to fill the hard drive with zero’s completely, and then repeat the process by filling it with one’s. In some cases, it might be preferable to do this procedure many times, but the result is always the same, all the old data will be completely erased.

The other way is much more physical. Your old hard drive goes into a machine that crushes it to wreck the physical disks. Depending on the hard-drive system you have, (traditional, solid-state or hybrid), you can use one or both of these methods.

Hard Drive Destruction is just Part of a Secure Data Destruction Process in Sydney

Your hard drive is just one component of your computer equipment that needs safe disposal and proper recycling. At ECOACTIV, we can provide a total service for all your electronic recycling needs, whether they be in the local Sydney area or Australia-wide. For more information, send us a message using our contact form, or give us a call on 1800 489 278.