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Advisory Services

Optimise the environmental credentials of your organisation’s products & services

Successful product recovery programs are based on intelligent planning and design from the outset. We provide consulting and advisory services to a diverse range of organisations, including business, government agencies and not-for-profits.

We can demonstrate the role of innovation, good design and knowledge transfer in achieving an environmentally sustainable future. Our approach is focused on purpose, market relevance and the ability to deliver environmental benefits and ‘real-world’ solutions.

Our Strengths and Capabilities

Our team of logistics and product stewardship specialists offers two key areas of expertise:

  1. Product Stewardship Strategy, Supply Chain Management and Reverse Logistics
  2. Sustainability Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

We understand how innovation can enhance the life cycle environmental performance of products, services and operations. More importantly we can develop and implement ECOACTIV solutions with measurable environmental benefit. Our approach and methods are driven by the prospect of seeing solutions and strategies effectively implemented.

Read more about the keys to achieving sustainable outcomes and how we can help meet your objectives.

1. Product Stewardship Strategy, Supply Chain Management and Reverse Logistics

Effectively managing end-of-life products and materials demands a smarter approach with a focus on waste avoidance, resource recovery and life cycle thinking.

We have the experience and skills to help you extract maximum economic, social and environmental benefit from the new Product Stewardship Legislation. Our knowledge of the relatively new Product Stewardship Act (2011) is unmatched, as is our commitment to delivering value to clients and project partners.

Whether you are a retailer, OEM, corporate brand, local council, social enterprise, government agency, institution or recycler, our specialist team can provide informed independent advice. Talk to us about our services across the supply chain and across sectors. More specifically, we have experienced practitioners covering:

  • Identification and development of business opportunities resulting from the Product Stewardship Act
  • Compliance support under the Product Stewardship Act and associated regulations
  • Government and industry advocacy
  • Compliance support related to relevant standards for e-waste and products/waste streams
  • Waste management strategy, including attention to waste avoidance and resource recovery
  • Carbon management and reduction related to reverse logistics and product recovery programs
  • Digital and online tool development, including mobile applications to support consumers, auditors and demand-side educational requirements.

Connecting the management of product life cycles with innovation and corporate foresight underpins successful Product Stewardship strategies. Managing manufactured goods from cradle to grave is now a major imperative across product categories, distribution channels and waste streams.

2. Sustainability Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

The key to effective communication is research and ensuring clarity of intent and purpose. This enables informed strategy design and astute implementation. Whether it is about articulating the environmental credentials of a product, service or organisation, or building positive relationship with stakeholders, we can advise on the most appropriate solution.

We know how to cut through mixed messages and competing information sources when it comes to environmental issues and sustainability. We can also design and deploy online communications tools and outcomes that exceed the expectations of our clients and their customers or stakeholders.

If you need to communicate with the market, distribution channels or stakeholders, talk to us about designing the most appropriate and effective strategy – online or offline.

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