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Customer Support

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Centralised service and support to help customers day to day

ECOACTIV offers its Call Centre and Helpdesk Operations to customers as part of a centralised, multi-lingual service and support capability across all types of managed programs.

Our Helpdesk team has the supply chain expertise to proactively manage programs for customers on a day to day basis – as suits the customer’s business needs and goals. Such support could relate to:

  • sales and channel development campaigns
  • warranty and service support
  • asset management, repair and disposition
  • end-of-life recycling and materials recovery
  • or all of the above, with the capacity to up or down scale

This facility ensures ongoing process and cost control, compliance, adherence to safety and environment standards – across all parties and all programs under its management.

Specific ECOACTIV Channel Management services include:

  • Helpdesk and call centre 1800 number service line
  • Training for staff and suppliers
  • Event operations including staffing, traffic management, materials handling, logistics, recycling, reporting, customer surveys and OHS requirements

If you require Customer Support services for your product recovery program, then ECOACTIV has the solution.

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