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Waste Recycling

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Is Your Company Searching for the Best E-Waste Recycling in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney? Contact ECOACTIV to find out more about our Waste Management Systems

Has your company been looking for options for greener, more efficient practices, such as e-waste recycling in Melbourne or a surrounding area? Companies are turning to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly ways to recycle and dispose of waste, and often outsource these services to experts who know how to best discard of various types of waste. If your business has been looking for a company to provide e-waste recycling in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, ECOACTIV may be the business you’ve been searching for.


ECOACTIV was founded in 1999 by Helen Jarman, under a branch of Infoactiv. ECOACTIV handles all of the environmental related services for Infoactiv. Jarman built up the initial business model into a company that now operates in 17 different countries with 50 full-time employees, offering environmentally oriented services, such as e-waste recycling. ECOACTIV offers safe solutions for disposing of old equipment for companies in Brisbane or Melbourne.

ECOACTIV SERVICES: E-Waste Recycling in Sydney and Other Options

ECOACTIV can help companies safely get rid of many waste products such as batteries, computers, fluorescent light bulbs, tubes, and hard drives. Batteries contain material that can be toxic, so they must be safely disposed of through recycling. ECOACTIV can help with this. Computers also contain highly toxic and dangerous materials that must be disposed of properly. ECOACTIV works with highly specialised recyclers in order to properly dismantle computers and ensure all materials are handled in an environmentally friendly way. ECOACTIV can also dispose of copiers, scanners, mice, cables, webcams, science and medical equipment and more in an environmentally responsible way. Their e-waste recycling programs used in Melbourne and surrounding areas help to ensure that these hazardous materials are recycled.

As many companies become aware of the waste they are producing, they are turning to highly reputable vendors, such as ECOACTIV to help them make better use of their waste, so as not to further harm the environment. Different government incentives are also offered for companies participating in recycling programs. ECOACTIV is also certified to ISO14001 standards and offers recycling pick up services. Their prices are also highly competitive, allowing businesses to focus more on their company, and less on their waste management. ECOACTIV can also assist businesses with company compliance programs and policies, in order to help employees understand the rules and regulations associated with waste management and e-waste recycling.

If your company does not have the time to fully manage and understand all of the intricacies of e-waste recycling, let ECOACTIV manage your waste for you. They have the experience, expertise, and reputation to help you enact guidelines and rules for waste management, and can help ensure that they are easily followed through. If you live in the Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney areas, contact ECOACTIV today, to learn more about their environmentally friendly services. Not sure how to get started? Ask ECOACTIV your questions to find out how they can best handle your specific needs.