How to recycle your Electronics after the e-Waste Ban?

The Victorian government is alert to growing electronic waste, and are taking action with an e-Waste ban effective as of 1 July 2019. Here's how you can dispose of your e-waste following the ban.

Electronic waste or e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in Australia. The Victorian government is alert to the issue and are taking action with an e-Waste ban effective as of 1 July 2019.


What will this mean for residents?

While residents will still be able to dispose of their general waste, they will no longer be able to dispose of any electronics – big or small – in their general waste bin, out on the kerbside or in a skip. This includes everything from a desk fan, computer keyboard to a TV.

Strict penalties apply to any ‘illegal dumping’ or disposal of e-waste on public or private property without authority approval.


Options to dispose of e-waste post ban

There are a number of ways you can dispose of your e-waste:

  • Drive to and drop off your electronics at one of 121 Victorian Government transfer stations
  • Donate to a charity (provided that your electronics are less than 10 years’ old and are in working condition – no cracks)
  • Organise a free pick up or drop off service through EcoActiv to recycle your electronics

This blog shares more information on the three e-waste disposal options.


Option 1: Drive to and drop off e-Waste at a Transfer Station

Victorians will be required to take their goods to one of 121 new or upgraded e-waste collection sites around the state. Check Sustainability Victoria’s directory of councils to find the nearest site.

The electronics you dispose of through your councils will be stripped for recyclable components, reducing the amount of material that enters landfill where toxic metals can seep into the environment.


Option 2: Donate to a charity

Donating your once beloved items is an excellent alternative to throwing it out or sending it to a dump especially if your electronics are in working condition, test and tagged and is less than ten years’ old.

Consider dropping off your old electronics at a charity such as St Vincent de Pauls (Vinnies), The Red Cross or Salvation Army (click here to see other Australian charities).


Option 3: Recycle through Ecoactiv

Ecoactiv offers a quick and easy solution to dispose of electronic waste. Book in an e-Waste collection service all online. We take pride in our eco-friendly practices and closed-loop solutions in recovering, recycling and regenerating your old or damaged-beyond-repair appliances.

There is a variety of electronic appliances we use daily. All of them can’t be disassembled and disposed of in the same way. We help determine the nature of the e-waste and chooses the most appropriate method for its disposal.


Convenient Pick And Drop-Off Facility

With Ecoactiv, you don’t need to worry about driving to and dropping off your obsolete appliance to one of the 121 Victorian e-waste collection sites. We offer e-Waste collection services and pick up your items from the location of your choice – whether that’d be at home or office.

If you prefer to drop off your electronics to a convenient location, we have additional drop off collection points.


Local Support Service

If you need assistance with the collection of your electronic waste, you can rely on EcoActiv. Our local support team are available to answer your queries, whether it’d be through a call or email.


De-installation & On-Site Packing

If you are having trouble with uninstallation or packaging of your old appliance, you can turn to the EcoActiv team for help. We can help dismantle, disassemble and pack items onsite at a small cost.


Cost-Effective Solution

All EcoActiv e-Waste collection and recycling services are funded by Apple, which means there is no cost to you!


Recycling Stations

Want to install a recycling station or box onsite? EcoActiv offers a range of recycling collection products to make it easier for you to collect and discard of globes, tubes and batteries.

Below are some of our popular recycling boxes for purchase:

Visit our shop for the whole range.


What can you recycle with EcoActiv?

EcoActiv helps you play your part in reducing plastic pollution by recycling a variety of electronic waste items for you. The items you can recycle with EcoActiv includes LCD, monitors, computers, phones, generators, scientific equipment, and cameras to small and big appliances. See a list of electronics you can recycle through Ecoactiv here.


In Conclusion

Electronic pollution is one of the biggest threats that our environment is facing today. In order to reduce the damage caused, it is important to have a proper disposal system for obsolete electronic appliances. EcoActiv makes it easier for you to collect and discard your unwanted or damaged electrical appliances and devices. We offer a variety of services and products at cheap rates that help you with the collection, packaging, and disposal of your electronic waste.


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