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Vape Recycling

How Vape Recycling Works

Engage Ecoactiv for your vape recycling needs and divert used vapes from landfills. Ensure their raw materials contribute to the circular economy and are reused in product manufacturing.

Vape waste management challenges for Australian councils & businesses

In Australia, the rapid growth of vape usage has introduced a significant environmental challenge that affects businesses, especially in sectors like councils, airports, and educational institutions. Thousands of disposable vapes are discarded improperly every week, accumulating in landfill where they pose serious fire risks and environmental hazards due to their chemical and battery components. This growing waste problem not only threatens sustainable operations but also exposes businesses to potential compliance liabilities and environmental fines.


Comprehensive vape recycling solutions near you

Ecoactiv offers a comprehensive vape recycling program designed to address the unique needs of both consumers and businesses. Our tailored solutions ensure that vapes are disposed of safely and responsibly, transforming this hazardous waste into recoverable materials. For businesses, particularly councils, airports, and schools, we provide large-scale receptacles and pick-up services that simplify the recycling process, making sustainability an achievable goal.


For households, our Battery Recycling Box can be purchased to correctly dispose and recycle used vapes from your very own home.

Why choose Ecoactiv for vape recycling?

Ecoactiv combines technology and reverse logistics to offer consumers a better way to give their old items, new life and participate in enabling a circular economy. It is our mission to support consumers, councils, schools and airports in taking back and recycling used vapes across Australia.

Divert Waste from Landfill

Reduce Resource Depletion

Frequently asked questions

Getting started is simple. Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll provide you with the appropriate collection receptacles and arrange for regular pickups based on your volume of waste.

Yes, our programs are designed not only to be environmentally beneficial but also cost-effective. By reducing waste disposal fees and potential environmental fines, our clients often find that recycling reduces overall costs.

Recycled vapes are meticulously dismantled to extract batteries and electronic components, which are then processed through specialised channels to recover materials like plastics and metals, contributing to the circular economy.

Absolutely. Our infrastructure and network are prepared to manage large-scale collections efficiently, ensuring that even substantial quantities of vape waste are handled with ease and professionalism.

Enquire about our vape recycling solutions

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