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When disposing of your unused or broken electrical goods, the safest and most responsible way to do it is by recycling. These items are composed of a huge variety of materials.

Electrical appliances can be recycled in 2 different ways with Ecoactiv. You can purchase one of our Recycle-Ready Kits or build your own solution through the Ecoactiv Hub.

Build your own solution in the Ecoactiv Hub

Tell us your item and location, and we’ll show you available options. With 1000+ items across an extensive range of categories, with drop-off or pick-up choices, find the solution that suits you.

Why recycle electrical appliances

By recycling, contamination can be avoided and the precious materials can be conserved, helping you recover valuable materials such as metal, plastic, glass as well as other non-renewable sources. This creates a closed-loop in the economy and gives these materials a new lease on life.


Proper disposal and recycling also keep toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, and lead from entering the environment.

Electrical Appliances are filling our landfills in Australia

Australians own more than 45 million household appliances. 2.5 million of these are discarded each year and potentially sent straight to landfill. 

Disposal of unwanted electrical appliances is a responsibility for all households and businesses. It’s become an increasingly important issue, as we are consuming more raw materials. Typically, these materials are renewable and should be repurposed, however, end up in the bin and eventually in landfill. 

Everyday items such as toasters, lamps, freezers, toasters and kettles become electronic waste or e-waste when discarded. Over time, these materials release toxic substances that leach into soil and water, damaging the ecosystem and causing irreversible harm to the environment.

Why Trust Ecoactiv to Recycle Your Unwanted Appliances?

Ecoactiv combines technology and reverse logistics to offer consumers a better way to give their old items, new life and participate in enabling a circular economy. It is our mission to support individuals, businesses and schools Australia-wide in recycling end-of-life electronics. We have refined the e-waste recycling processes and have collection and dismantling centres in all major states. 

Divert Waste from Landfill

Reduce Resource Depletion


Convert Points into Rewards

Frequently asked questions

Heating and cooling

  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Fan – Tower
  • Fireplace – Electric
  • Heater – Electric
  • Heater – Gas
  • Humidifier



  • Electric Torch
  • Lamp – Floor
  • Lamp – Table
  • Light – Wall
  • Light bulbs – Fluoro tubes
  • Light bulbs – LED


Major Appliances

  • BBQ – Portable
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Freezer
  • Fridge – Household
  • Washing Machine



  • Edger – Electric
  • Lawn Mower – Battery
  • Lawn Mower – Petrol
  • Leaf Blower – Battery
  • Leaf Blower- Petrol
  • Sump Pump

Safety and Security

  • Fire Alarm
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Extinguisher Holder


Small Appliances

  • Coffee Machine
  • Iron – Hand
  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Vacuum Cleaner

We do not accept:

  • Electronics with broken screens that are not securely taped
  • Electronics that may puncture the box, causing contents to spill (if you opt for our recycling kits)
  • Item packaging. You should dispose of this in your kerbside recycling bin.

Once items are received, they are manually sorted by type and inspected to separate different components. Recovered materials, such as precious metals and plastics, go through processes like shredding and refining to achieve higher purity levels for reuse in manufacturing. Special attention is given to managing hazardous components like batteries and chemicals to prevent environmental harm.

Ecoactiv offers an efficient and safe ewaste Recycling solution that never lets you worry about the disposal of those unwanted items hidden in a corner of your premises. Furthermore, our team can collect those items at any time, and anywhere from your given location. We ensure that every last piece of wastage ends up in the right place. It can be a charity if electronic items are functioning, or the recycling facility if they require proper disposal.

While most items are perfectly safe for you to handle, organise and package prior to collection or posting, there may be some items which require special attention. You might not realise how dangerous it can get to handle the e-waste by yourself, especially at a time when all of the unwanted items have started to corrode and liquid starts to seep out of the metal pieces. So, it’s better to call professionals who have helped people like you with their removal needs. Our team is ready 24/7 to help you make the best decision to handle your e-waste and sort it out properly until we arrive.

At Ecoactiv, you won’t find any hidden cost that you need to pay at the time of disposal. Our services empower customers with timely information about their ewaste which gives a boost of value to our services. Our team constantly works on ways that are efficient for handling all the waste and processing it, while also providing customised services as per your requirements.

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