Melbourne, Australia- In a bid to offer customers the option of recycling IT waste, Tech2 has partnered with Ecoactiv. The partnership enables Tech 2 to use Ecoactiv’s digital platform, offering residents the option of recycling their IT Waste in the most sustainable way possible.

Anything with a plug, cord or battery that are tucked away in draws or laying around collecting dust – broken or functioning – can be recycled through this platform.

Ecoactiv’s Digital Platform (EDP) offers Tech 2 customers, in a 3-step process, the ability to dispose of their IT waste in the most sustainable way possible.

As part of the 3- step process on the EDP, facilitated by theTech 2 reps/customer service members, residents will be asked to:

  • Create a list of all the items they to dispose of
  • Input the residential address and any special instructions related to their property that is important for a courier / pick up person to know.
  • Select the disposal method that suits them the best.


A Sustainable Partnership That Focuses on Leveraging Innovation

This collaboration between Tech 2 and Ecoactiv goes beyond just recycling. It provides customers with the ability to be more aware of what they should do with products that have reached the end of their life. This partnership is the perfect amalgamation of personal touch, innovation and appropriate action.

“We’re excited to be working with Tech2 to tackle Australia’s e-waste problem. It’s an important initiative.” Helen Jarman, CEO of Ecoactiv shares. “[Tech2] is a reputable brand that consumers trust to have things installed or de-installed by their team. They’re great at what they do and it made a lot of sense for us to partner.”

“Now a Tech2 customer can responsibly recycle their old electronics after having their new ones put in place. And if they have other latent devices laying around, they can recycle these too.”

“What we have designed is a way for consumers to do the right thing in the most convenient and affordable way possible. It’s about giving consumers control of where their unwanted electronics end up. We know the majority of Australians are for recycling, but the lack of transparency in recent times is discouraging. That’s why with Ecoactiv, consumers can track where their disposed items are throughout the recycling timeline and are given an impact statement at the end of it.”
“January marks an exciting month, with it being the first full month since our partnership [with Tech2],” says Helen. “There are many more milestones to achieve our goal of making Australia a circular economy and we’re thrilled to make this first step with Tech2. There is power in the numbers so we encourage more people to jump on board too.”

“By integrating the Ecoactiv digital recycling platform into our national computer support offer, Tech2 adds great value to the many customers looking to dispose of e-waste conveniently and responsibly. We believe this is a first in the industry for remote computer support services. ” says Scott Lindsay, General Manager (Technology Services & Support) at Tech2.

As part of the partnership, residents can dispose of as many sponsored e-waste items as they like for a fixed fee of AUD 25. These items include:

  • All Apple products
  • Computers, tablets, laptops & power supplies
  • Monitors and displays
  • Phones and accessories
  • Cables and chargers

Disposing any items apart from the ones listed can be done so at an additional fee.

Ecoactiv makes it easy to dispose of items conveniently by booking a pickup through the platform. All items that are recycled will be done so in accordance with Australian regulatory standard AS/NZS:5377 and ISO 14001:2015.

The aim is to keep waste out of landfills as much as possible.