Take a look around the room you’re in. Chances are there are several devices that use batteries to power it – your remote control, your laptop, wireless keyboard and mouse, and the clock hung on the wall. The list goes on.

Batteries are still one of the most bought and sold products today in Australia and every year, an astonishing amount ends up in landfill. When used or old batteries accumulate and are incorrectly disposed of, they risk leaking chemicals, swelling and potentially short circuiting and sparking fire. These chemical risks pose a threat to you and your family as well as our environment – both from a pollution and mineral mining perspectives.

Recycling batteries help minimise these issues and forms part of tackling our national e-waste problem. Every battery that gets recycled over being thrown in a general waste bin counts.

This article covers how different types of batteries are recycled in Australia. If you were looking for how to recycle your old batteries and book a collection, you might prefer our previous blog ’20 Types of Batteries You Can Recycle’ or our battery recycling service page.