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    Share your details so we know where to send your satchel and who’s redeeming the cashback.

    2 Send your headphones

    Fill up the satchel with accepted headphones and post it back for recycling.

    3 Get your cashback

    Once we receive and process your headphones, you’ll receive cashback in your nominated bank account.

    4 Shop with Sony & recycle with Ecoactiv

    Shop the latest Sony products and recycle your ewaste all year round with Ecoactiv.

    Introducing the Sustainability Scorecard

    The best part of the program starts when the items traded in arrive at the accredited recycling facilities. As items enter the circular economy, participants will receive insights through a personalised Sustainability Scorecard. This first-of-its-kind scorecard and level of visibility made possible by Ecoactiv, allows participants to effortlessly track their waste diversion, the conservation of valuable materials, and their carbon emissions offset.

    Recycle with confidence. Buy with an easy conscience.

    Our aim with the program is to empower customers and the community to embrace recycling with unwavering confidence, knowing that their actions yield a positive environmental impact. Beyond recycling, this commitment extends to your next purchase, where responsible disposal options for pre-loved items are available, further supporting our collective journey towards a greener tomorrow.

    Together, we’re shaping a world where sustainable choices empower us all.

    Your Circular Wallet awaits

    Every time you recycle through Ecoactiv, you earn points that can be converted into rewards!

    Grow Your Impact through the Ecoactiv Circular Economy Hub

    As your pre-loved headphones enter the circular economy, you will receive insights through a personalised Sustainability Scorecard through the Ecoactiv Circular Economy Hub.

    Divert Waste from Landfill

    Offset Carbon with Halfcut

    Convert Points into Rewards

    Frequently asked questions

    Once items are received, they are manually sorted by type and inspected to separate different components. Recovered materials, such as precious metals and plastics, go through processes like shredding and refining to achieve higher purity levels for reuse in manufacturing. Special attention is given to managing hazardous components like batteries and chemicals to prevent environmental harm.

    The funds are used to the cover the intricate processes and handling costs associated with such disposing of waste. These include:

    • Transportation logistics to move the unwanted items to the recycling facilities
    • Salaries for the workers who handle the collection, sorting and processing
    • Specialised machinery used for disassembling and processing the waste components 
    • Safe disposal of non-recyclable components, especially those that are hazardous

    All item requirements are listed above in the product description. There is a comprehensive list of what we do and do not accept.

    Ecoactiv combines technology and reverse logistics to offer consumers a better way to give their old items, new life and participate in enabling a circular economy. Ecoactiv’s Circular Economy Hub allows users of the Ecoactiv platform to have visibility over their waste diversion, the conservation of valuable materials, and their carbon emissions offset, all the while being rewarded through their circular wallet. Each time users recycle they are rewarded with impact points that can be redeemed for a number of rewards.

    By joining the Circular Economy Hub and exploring other ways of recycling with Ecoativ. We have disposal solutions for almost any household or office item. Each time you recycle with Ecoactiv you’ll earn impact points in your Circular Wallet that can be redeemed for a number of rewards. 

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